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Series Production

The best preparation for series production ...

… is meticulous and thorough engineering. All the required manufacturing instructions and specifications are compiled at this stage.

Short Lead Times

For urgent jobs we can produce small batches within 24 hours. We respond quickly to your requests and are able to manufacture your products rapidly and at high quality.

Small and large batches

Our customers range from small fi rms which often only need one item or a small number of parts all the way to international corporations for which we produce on a large scale. We reserve plenty of time for our customers to provide individual solutions that meet their requirements.

Expertise with a wide range of metals and more …

DMS’s core competence is in metalwork. But we also combine this material with the widest range of other materials such as plastics, glass and wood.

Customers from many Industry Sectors and Markets

As a result of our wide-ranging expertise and our extensive manufacturing portfolio, we have customers across many different industry sectors. These include:

  • Manufacturers of electronic devices
  • Metalworking companies
  • Interior architects, carpenters, kitchen designers
  • Architects, builders, metalworkers
  • Constructors of special machinery, producers in the automobile technology sector
  • Builders of heating and cooling equipment
  • Heavy industry

We are also keen to develop and implement new and exciting solutions for new customers and new markets.

You want to know more!

Call us. We will be glad to help you.

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Quality of materials and production

As expected in our industry sector, we are
ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 certified
. But that isn’t enough for us: our aim is optimum quality for our customers’ products.

DMS has deliberately positioned itself in the upper quality manufacturing segment.

We source our raw materials exclusively from suppliers who have the same high quality level as DMS. This is the only way to ensure continuous and reproducible quality, even with large batches of items and repeated orders over long periods.

Extensive range of manufacturing processes

We provide a very comprehensive portfolio of machining processes. This means we are able to manufacture not only individual parts but also entire components or products. It also means you have just one contact person who will take responsibility for manufacturing the whole product for you.

Cost Optimization

Our team has extensive experience in mass production. We can provide advice on how to optimize manufacturing costs.

Flexibility and a customer-oriented approach

Our experience shows that details always change between initial production and following series of production. We can adjust the production plan quickly and with the minimum of administration to refl ect the changes and thus avoid unnecessary costs.

Customer Documentation

At the customer’s request DMS can produce all the technical documentation for the finished products. This includes e.g.
  • 3D CAD models from a range of perspectives
  • 2D CAD plans
  • Exploded diagrams
  • Detailed items lists
  • Verbal documentation