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Design Consulting

Functional Design

DMS has been designing and manufacturing a very wide range of products and components for its customers for many years. Over this period we have developed a great amount of experience and expertise covering a huge variety of shapes, styles, colours and variants. This also covers the ergonomic aspects of operability and maintainability of products. This wide range of knowledge allows our engineers to quickly and professionally fulfil their task.

We provide our customers with advice on the following topics:

  • Manufacturing options
  • Selection of materials (metal, plastic, wood, glass,…)
  • Shaping variants
  • Surface design
  • Selection of colours
  • Labelling / lettering
  • Use of styles
  • Ergonomics of operation and maintenance

Product manufacturability is our major concern and we try to optimize costs for the customer at the later series production stage.

We model proposed solutions in our 3D-CAD system, where colour and shape options are also visualized using these CAD models. The CAD system generates 3D models which enable you to view your future products dynamically from any angle.

Industrial Design

The aesthetic image and ergonomics of a product are of crucial importance. DMS works with internationally recognized industrial designers -- DMS design and engineering team has the expertise and the tools to convert their designs quickly and efficiently into construction plans for prototyping and series production. If the future aesthetic image or ergonomics of your product are of crucial importance for you, you should work with professional industrial designers at the design phase.


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