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The best preparation for constructing a prototype ...

… is meticulous and thorough engineering. All the required manufacturing instructions and specifications are compiled at this stage.

Short Lead Times

Our customers generally want to be able to ‘get their hands on’ their prototypes as quickly as possible so that they can make a decision. Since DMS is also set up to manufacture small batches, prototypes can be made quickly and economically.

Active Advice - Close Cooperation

The prototype is often not definitive but rather just an idea of how something will look later on. This is where our engineering team really comes into its own, working actively side by side with our customers and in close contact with their product development teams. Small adjustments to components can be made and implemented immediately. This ensures that product design is optimized.

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It is sometimes necessary to manufacture different variants of a product.

Cost Optimization

Our team knows all about mass production. We can provide advice on how to optimize manufacturing costs.

Customer Documentation

At the customer’s request DMS can produce all the technical documentation for the finished prototypes. This includes e.g.

  • 3D CAD models
  • 2D CAD plans
  • Exploded diagrams
  • Detailed item lists
  • Verbal documentation