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DMS is a full service provider. We do more than just manufacture your products: our services range from the formulation of ideas about your product to manufacturing and to assembly and delivery.

Design Consulting
We have years of experience in the design of a wide variety of products. This wealth of experience is of great benefit to our clients during consultations. We are partners with internationally renowned industrial designers if you need something unusual or if the aesthetics of your product should be out of the ordinary.

The appearance and the general framework of your product are set. Our engineers then test the manifacturability of your product and develop the exact production plans. We pay close attention to manufacturing your product as cost-saving and efficient as possible.
Together, we can quickly create a prototype of your product. Our engineering team works closely with your development department to expedite the prototyping process and ready the product for series production.
Series Production
We carry out your series production - regardless of whether it is comprised of a large or small quantity. Our strength lies in our wide spectrum of machining processes: we not only process metal but also integrate other materials such as glass, plastic, wood, etc. Because our customers come from various industry sectors, we have a wide range of experience in producing diverse products.

We also assemble the finished components for you. Any components you already have can also be integrated.
In blanket orders, we store your products according to our arrangement with you. Wares are always packed ready for transportation or according to customer specifications. We can deliver your products to you or directly to your customers.